Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Scarlet was reading a potty training book yesterday and when she was done she started pointing to her bum so I asked her if she needed a diaper change. She shook her head no and started climbing the stairs. I couldn't figure out what it was she was wanting with her bum-bum, so I kept asking her, in different ways, if she wanted to be changed. She kept saying "No" and continued to climb the stairs and then I finally made the connection between the book and her bum-bum and asked her if she wanted on the potty. She smiled and said, "yeah." Like, "You finally caught on".
She's caught me many times using the bathroom in my room and likes to get me toilet paper and watch as I do my thing. I hope that's not weird. If it is, oh well, because she wants on the potty like mommy and has the whole thing pretty much figured out, except for the actual "deed", we're not quite there. She sat there on the toilet for a long time, finally I started offering her, her bath toys for some entertainment and then I had to get the camera and take pictures of this new milestone.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hooray for more pictures!

Scarlet and I took a quick trip to visit my parents a weekend or so ago. We were able to catch a ride over with Athena and her kids which was really nice, although Scarlet still cried for a good bit of the time. It's hard being stuck in a carseat for so long! The weather was great in Lakewood, so Grandma Vicki and Scarlet picked up in the yard a bit. Scarlet was such a good helper. She saw Gramma picking up sticks and putting them into the recycling container and went and found some too. She catches on to things so quickly; smart kid.

Grandma helped her find some dandelions in the yard. Scarlet will have millions of those in our yard here pretty soon. Our neighbors will probably come over and spray for us just so they don't get the seed blown into theirs.

Scarlet keeping Starla company while she cried for her mom upstairs.

Uncle Clayton getting his first piano lesson from Scarlet. I've caught her a few tims playing and singing at the same time. She even looks up at the sheet music like she knows what she's looking at. I'm glad I finally got a picture of her!

This is just a stinkin' cute picture. She loves her chocolate pudding!
So, I almost got a new camera out of Charlie because I had "lost" mine. I finally got around to cleaning the van out and found it hidden under the captain's seat. It wasn't actually hidden...if I really would have taken more than 5 minutes to look for it, it was in plain sight. :) Oops.
Charlie told me he almost got me the nikon camera I wanted until I found the old one.
Darn it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up on Firsts!

Our first Family Home Evening activity. We got the new nursery handbook and did one of the lessons in there with Scarlet. Of course we had to hang the finished work on the fridge...a first for that too.

Scarlet getting her first portacatheter poke. This was a while ago but I thought I would post it anyway.
Her first time having friends over that weren't family. Ellie and Kate are Scarlet's best friends, well, as best as friends go at that age. :)

I thought I would post this as Scarlet's first sad-pouty face. Yes, she's thrown fits before, was sad and cried before, but this was a new face to us. The picture was taken on Christmas Eve and we really haven't seen her make the face again. I think what happened was she wasn't allowed to help someone open their presents or something like that.
Check out Charlie's Chops! That only lasted a day!