Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I.V.I.G & Bone Marrow transplant

I noticed sometime ago that I get a lot of hits from people I assume are searching the internet for results for I.V.I.G or I.G.G. I've been meaning to post a little more about it and transplant in general but found that I wanted to be really specific and it turned out to be a novel instead of a blog. So, instead of me rambling on about transplant, side effects, I.V.I.G, etc. Please feel free to comment with any questions or comments, my email is listed also if you prefer.

I remember going through transplant with Scarlet and searching desperately for any information, especially related to survival and life after transplant. I would love to share any information I can with you. The thing about transplants though, is that they are all different. I've learned that there are just so many variables that affect the outcomes of transplants that you can't rely on another persons experience and expect the same results for yourself or loved one.
There are different protocols for different hospitals as well, which in my opinion, also affect transplant outcomes. With all that said, it is still comforting to hear from transplant survivors and I would like to reach out and help anyone who is need of some guidance.

I started this blog shortly prior to Scarlet's transplant and have posted irregularly since then, you can skim through and check out how she's done. There is much more to transplant that I don't believe I've posted about, enough I felt I could write a book about, but haven't and probably won't. Mostly because the medical field changes so quickly, I figured by the time I even finished writing the book there would have been more breakthroughs and changes and I would have been little help to anyone.
So, please comment or email if you have questions about anything related to bone marrow transplant and I will help as best I can.