Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Sommer fun in Salmon

I should have done this update sooner. I've been trying to upload Jodi and Juleah's song, but it's been failing every time. So here is the intro to the Salmon Idol Competition and I can't remember what song they were singing in their 80's costumes. Jodi did a good job finding the costumes for most of the people performing in the intro. Way to go Jodi, it looked awesome!
I think Jodi said something about looking fat....Are you Crazy!?!??

Jodi and Juleah sang a song from "Wicked" and got 2nd place. I'm not a fan of Wicked at all, but they did a great job singing. For those of you who just love Wicked, I did try to like it, but I just don't. Sorry.

Liberty and Riley after the show, I couldn't catch Josi and McClay. I love this picture of them, they are so cute.

On stage after their performance and receiving their roses. They were asked a lot fo really weird random questions while up there. Like, "What planet would you be?" I swear the kid MC-ing was on some crazy pills. I think Josi was the only one who could answer that question.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Vonn-Sommers family in the Salmon Idol, Jr. competition. They didn't place, but they were awfully cute! This cute little bunch belongs to my older sister, Jodi. She sewed all the kids outfits out of old curtains from their thrift store so they would look totally true to the musical. She also didn't use a pattern, when she told me that I thought for sure they would turn out awful, but to my surprise they were really nice.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scarlet in her princess dress from Grandma Vicki. She has worn that dress everyday for 3 weeks now. It used to have lots of glitter on it and now there is practically none, all the glitter is on everything else now. But, she still loves her dress and feels like Sleeping Beauty in it. She sings, "I know you...I know you" and dances in her pretty dress. We need to start working on the rest of the words with her. I love having a little princess.


A day at the waterpark in Chelan. We went with Aunt Amy and her kids, Aunt Kellie and Star, Grandma Debbie, and 2 fun babysitters for the older kids to go down the slides with.

Scarlet had so much fun in the kiddie pool, she never wanted to leave but I was getting bored after awhile and took her on the medium slides with me. She liked those too, and even went down a few times alone and of course Grandma was at the bottom to catch her.

Kellie and Amber went down the big slide...I was too scared. Besides, someone needed to video this, right?

We had an awesome day. Thanks Amy!