Friday, March 21, 2008

Waiting for mom at the store

I guess I took longer than i thought. She wanted out of her carseat!

CWHospital.. again!

I found crack in Scarlet's line a couple weeks ago and so grandma and I ended up driving to Seattle that night to have it repaired. They fixed it and then drew blood cultures to check for infection and would know results in a day or so. We drove back that night and didn't get home until 3am. I got a call the following night just as i laid down to sleep saying that she had an infection and that i needed to take her into the hospital that night. So, that was the beginning of a long week in the hospital with Scarlet. Here are some pics of her in her hospital crib. She loves her monkey!

By the way, her face is red in the first pic because she had a reaction to the antibiotic, red man syndrome.

Scarlet's first cold!

Scarlet's first cold. You can tell she feels awful. We tried very hard to keep her from getting sick at all, but you can only do so much. Good thing is is that she is over it now! She's having some trouble keeping her infection fighting cells up and has needed GCSF shots to boost them. Dr's don't know what exactly is going on and plan to do another bone marrow biopsy next month to check chimaerism again.

I didn't realize the pictures look nearly identical. Can you see the differences?

Standing Tall

Scarlet standing up in her crib for the first time! I had to take some pictures of that! Yea Scarlet!

Valentines Day

Scarlet's first Valentines Day!
Our first with a baby! By far the least romantic we've ever had together, but still lots of fun. Scarlet got lots of cards from relatives and a balloon from her Great Aunt Amy, which is still in our family room but is now just hovering over the carpet. Mylar balloons last forever! Lots of Love in the air!