Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's been awhile...

Here's the last picture of Scarlet with her Hickman line right after her very last bath with her line. Hooray!
Scarlet blowing me kisses before her surgery. It's always hard when babies have to have surgery because they are required to fast for such a long time. So what do you do for a kid who's hungry, tired, and stuck in a small room for hours? Give them sticky sticks.
She loves peeling them and sticking them on her tummy.
Scarlet with her home care nurse Michelle. She no longer gets to come every week and draw labs, etc. since the lines been removed. It's really sad. We've come to love Michelle and miss seeing her every Monday. Scarlet now has a portAcatheter which I'll show a picture of another time. I thought I got one in here. They put it in the same time they removed her lines. The surgeon who placed it however, put one in that was 2-3 inches too long that went all the way into her atrial valve. When the nurses tried to draw blood it would suction to the wall of the atrium and no blood return would come. We had it fixed last Thursday and it draws beautifully now. The unfortunate thing is that while there in the hospital, Scarlet picked up a stomach bug and has been in and out of the hospital this past week (that's what I think anyway). She is there right now with Grandma Debbie while I get some R&R from being up all night. I don't miss those long months with her at Children's hospital, I rarely got sleep for 6 months.
She should hopefully get to come home tonight or tomorrow. It was pretty worrisome for awhile but she is hopefully at the end of the virus and is doing a lot better.