Monday, July 19, 2010

4th of July!

The 4th was a lot of fun this year. We had a lot of friends and our family at the house to celebrate. You can't beat having fun people over and great food! (Scarlet thought the fireworks were too loud and spent most of the evening like this...

And this. Thanks to Jessie for holding her ears for her! :)

I did mention the food was great, right? Here's the delicious strawberry pie right next to Athena's amazing cheesecake that stole the show! My stars are a little off but you get the idea, right?

There's a great dad for ya!

Scarlet loved the turtle firework. She and Jessie both had one to play with.

What a big girl! It was a little difficult for me to stand by and watch her do this on her own. She did good for awhile but then chickened out later anyway, so I really didn't need to worry too much, she's like me and does it on her own.

We had the West and Macauley families over for the 4th. It was so much fun!

Luckily Charlie remembered to get some fireworks Saturday night so we had a few things for the kids to light-off.

Ginger and Pa. What a sweet little girl!