Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ginger's blessing

We had Ginger blessed on July 25, which happened to also be our 7th year wedding anniversary. I decided sometime this past Winter that I would be especially awesome and make her dress as well as matching one for Scarlet. Ginger's dress was amazing. I said a lot of prayers that I wouldn't mess it up and that it would be something she would want to keep forever.

After many long days and nights, I was finally finished with all of the sewing at 3:30am the morning of the blessing.

She looked angelic. I beamed everytime I saw her. I'm so grateful for my sweet little Ginger. I have such a blessed life because I have my two daughters and my amazing husband, Charlie.

On our way to church, I think we were almost late getting there! It was so nice having so much family for the blessing. My parents, My sister Tori and her family from Utah, Davi & Carly, Anni, Randy, Erik & his family, Michael, Sonny, Debbie & Papa, Amy & Dorian, and Grandma Daisy. The blessing was given by Charlie and it was so sweet. I remember really feeling the spirit and my favorite part of the blessing was about Ginger's smile. She smiles so much; it's so awesome. I love having a smiley baby.

I was so grateful that Aunt Kellie brought her the white headband and I found this clip-on flower at Jo-Ann's for super cheap. It looked awesome with her dress.

Erik Burns took more pictures of Ginger that I'll post when he puts them online. We went to Rocky Reach Dam (where Charlie and I were married) that evening and he came out and took pics. of the girls.

Getting Ginger into her blessing dress.

Scarlet in her dress with her Papa John. She looked very sweet, too. I wish I wasn't the one who made the dress because I was constantly evaluating it. The material we used was very difficult to work with. I wouldn't use it again for a dress. But I absolutely loved it for Ginger's dress, so I would do that again. I wouldn't ever make a matching dress again until I get better at sewing.
Too expensive to make and too many mistakes made.

I love this girl's hair. People used to comment on my hair when I was little and say how much they liked it, blah, blah. I never believed it, but looking at Scarlet's hair, I believe it now. It's so pretty.

Ginger's dress in the works.

This is how I spent many days and nights. Not usually smiling, but grungy with no make-up.
I'm soooo glad this is over!!