Sunday, February 1, 2009

I seem to have misplaced my camera, I had it for our last trip to Seattle and haven't seen it since. I wanted to update the blog today and will just have to use some older photos.
Here is uncle Clayton and Scarlet together on Christmas eve. She's either helping him or he's helping her open a gift. We were able to go to the candlelight service at grandpa Len's Lutheran church for Christmas Eve. It was a very nice service and Scarlet especially liked helping blow out the candles at the end.
Her great uncle Dan bought these Santa hat's for Scarlet and Starla...they are so cute!
They were able to play together awhile before we left for the service.
This year we decided as an Anderson family to go Christmas caroling to some friends and afterward we went to Great Grandma Doris's house for hot chocolate, treats, presents, and more caroling. Thanks Grandma Dor for the awesome time and fun presents!!
Charlie and Len both have recently taken an exam and both found out on the same day that they passed. Len passed his P.E. (physical engineering?) and Charlie the first of 4 CPA tests. Congrats!