Monday, August 17, 2009

Scarlet inherited this slide from her cousins. There is finally something for her to do in the backyard now! She wasn't into her sandbox until this summer, so really, she does have that to play with too.
I made some jello jigglers for Scarlet to "cook" with the other week. She had a lot of fun cutting out the shapes and I think a little even made it into her mouth!

Our 6th wedding anniversary. Wow! It's gone by fast! We are so blessed to have one another.

Scarlet wanted to get "beautiful" too.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Family, Smallwood's, & Leavenworth

We had so much fun at Smallwood farms. I'm so glad there is something around here with animals for kids to see. They gave us a bag of feed since it was the end of the day and I didn't bring enough cash inside for any extras. I'm terrified of feeding animals, don't like the thought of my fingers being tasted. I warmed up after a little while and only fed the ones with small mouths. Scarlet wasn't as interested in the animals as I thought she would be, they have kid bikes around and swings that caught her eye more.
Scarlet really liked the rooster and needed to take a ride on him. After Smallwood's we were off to Leavenworth for Cold Stone ice cream and music in the park. Scarlet was really diggin' the german music and danced a little with me in the circle. It was so much fun being together as a family and doing "normal" family things. I don't think I'll ever take that for granted.

Down at Grandpa Larry's and Grandma Shirley's for a quick visit before Smallwood farms and Leavenworth.

Scarlet got to meet Shamra, Grandma Shirley's horse.

Teach them while they're young, right? I thought this was a pretty classic shot; Saturday morning playing video games with dad in her spider-man jammies.

Gotta love Summer

3rd annual Father's Day Mariners game. Mariners took on the Orioles and lost. Lots of people left in the bottom of the 8th, probably thinking the Mariners had it in the bag. The Orioles may not have won if the Mariners didn't make so many mistakes in those last 2 innings, but it made for an exciting game. Happy Father's Day, Dad! (He's the one in the Orange)
Nanny Anni stayed awhile with us for awhile in June and most of July. One of those days we went out to Lincoln Rock Park while Charlie helped bring in canoes for the scouts. We had a lot of fun and Scarlet loved playing in the water and seeing all the dogs. Her and Anni are resting in the shade here.

Cheetos and Rootbeer...Does it get any better?