Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Scarlet with her goods after trick or treating. This was actually the following day but she wanted to dress up again. She ended up being a witch again this year even though I actually bought her a lion costume. She threw the biggest fit because she didn't want to wear it. We were late meeting up with her cousins so I finally decided to put on her princess dress and make her a witch. She loved it and that's what matters, right?

Here they all are right before take-off. Scarlet was terrified of Darth Vader and wouldn't sit for a picture. Her face looks so scared. She was fine once cousin Parker put the visor up and she could see his face, but as soon as it was down she would run away. She had a great time trying to catch up with cousins and saying "Trick, Treat", she was so cute lots of people gave her extras...we even got 3 full-size candy bars from one house. I didn't like any of them, but you still feel like a winner when you get 3 big bars!

Fall Fun

This picture was taken before Charles tossed leaves at her, she ran away after that. She still likes to play in them but is a little more cautious around Charlie. She even has her very own rake to help with the leaves. This year was just training, next year she'll be raking the leaves by herself. j/k
Scarlet doesn't like getting her hands messy especially with pumpkin guts, so she watched as Charlie did the gutting. We toast the pumpkin seeds every year and every year no one ever eats them. hmmm...
Scarlet picked out her very own pumpkin at the hay maze down the street and got to use paint to decorate it. She loves the color pink!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 2nd Transplant Day! Sept. 18th

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since her transplant. I can still feel the anxiety that came along with it and waiting for the marrow to arrive. She also had her only dose of radiation that morning. I remember carrying her to the room and holding her until the sleepy medicine kicked in and then I was whisked away quickly so they could work. It was hard for me not to cry because the room looked so alien-like. There was this giant machine and gadgets everywhere and lots of workers in the room that made me feel fearful of leaving her. I was grateful that Scarlet was put to sleep so quickly and didn't have a chance to look around much. But, really, she was only 5 1/2 months old and probably wouldn't notice if machines looked scary or not. It was just me being a scared mom.
Anyway, we are so grateful for her to be here with us so we celebrate with a BBQ,Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and lots of family and friends. We are lucky to have so many people close by to celebrate our happy day with.

I asked for red balloons, to symbolize the red marrow she was given. The kids all loved them and they all got a small gift, too. Thanks Amy and Debbie for working that all out. I'm still really bad about doing that.

Scarlet was watching Looney Tunes a bit at the time, I think Charlie has some ulterior motives about making her a cartoon/comic junkie like he was as a kid. I'm on it though, I counteract with lots of princess movies, stories, dresses, and dolls.
Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our special day with Scarlet Rose.
A giant thank you to Ralf, her donor, for providing for our family and allowing us to still have her in our lives. We are forever grateful and are excited to meet him someday.