Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brother's working hard in the kitchen after Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks, guys!
We went caroling with Santa this year. Here he is with the Smith family.

We all chose a family, or 3, to carol to. We had a really neat experience at one home, the people we sang to asked if we would go across the street to a man who lost his wife 2 days prior. I could hardly sing the songs, because the man and his daughter were getting teary -eyed and just knowing of his loss was overwhelming. That was the best house we went to, I hope we were able to bring him a little Christmas cheer during his time of grief.

Scarlet and Clayton in front of...well, I don't know whose house it is. I just know that it's the house Scarlet and I look out her window at every night and sing Christmas songs. She loves seeing Santa and watching the lights before I put her down. It's going to be a sad night when they turn them off until next year.

Scarlet was a big helper with making carmel corn for the Young Women group. They all love our recipe...but they don't know that the secret ingredient is having Scarlet as a helper!
She loves "pop-pop", even the plain stuff. Yuck!

Scarlet is a chocolate milk fiend lately, which is awesome! Tons of calories, fat, and protein to help her grow a little faster. I've been too nervous to try regular milk since she seems to have a sensitivity to it. It's been about a year since I've tried and when we did...let's just say, I'm not ready to do that much cleaning again yet.

Debbie and I left Charlie with Scarlet during one of our many Seattle trips while she was getting infused. I was a little nervous because Charlie just can't get up and leave to use the bathroom or anything and leave her alone and the nurses said they wouldn't be able to come and stay with her if he needed to leave for any reason. But, it all turned out great and I got to go and get some awesome U district Thai food.

Scarlet is so used to her routine when we go for her infusions that she goes right to the scale and wall to measure her height. She knows that her feet need to be close together and her head touching the wall. She's a pro!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Scarlet and her musical talents!

Random December pics

Putting together gingerbread houses with friends.
We had a lot of fun...after they were all made. I was getting pretty frustrated with my lack of success with measurements, etc. We ended up making 7 altogether, mostly to give away.

Sometimes being laid off really isn't so bad. Lots of morning cartoons with Scarlet.

Random December pics

Not happy with me, while sitting on Santa's lap. She didn't cry or anything...but she came pretty close. It was her uncle Michael who dressed as Santa and even after telling her who it was and even after her actually seeing Michael put the suit on she was still scared.
Scarlet just looked especially cute one Sunday before church. She usually watches a movie while we get ready and was kinda zoning out a bit.

Another scared Scarlet picture. I don't know if Michael even got to ask her what she wanted for Christmas...
Beat that cousin Star! :) Sonny got the whole nativity on his face.
Watching Pa sing at the Christmas lighting in Leavenworth.