Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scarlet is starting to come around with Ginger. She doesn't kiss her very often though, so getting this picture was awesome!
This was Ginger's first Sunday at church (sacrament, anyway) May 23, 2010
We heard a lot of "I hate Ginger" or "I hate baby" and have been working really hard with her to show her how important she is in Ginger's life as well as our own. It was hard for the first few weeks but things are really starting to brighten and I think Scarlet is going to be an awesome big sis!

She's asking to hold her a lot now but if she cries it's all over and she wants to give her back.

Great Grandpa Larry and Grandma Shirley came over for a visit with the new babe.

Scarlet likes the swing more than the baby!

With her new bippity-boppity from Uncle Dan. I think that probably eased the pain of not getting to blow out the candles on Peyton's cupcake.

She loves blowing out the candles (what kid doesn't?), this must have been really difficult for her. I now understand why some parents re-light the candles for the other kids to blow out. This isn't the picture I meant to post, there was another one where she looks sooo sad! I would be like those re-lighting parents and totally give in to that sad little face. I wasn't there though, so I couldn't.

Ginger at about 2 weeks, 6lbs 8 oz. Still pretty skinny looking but she was 5lbs 11 oz. at birth and in 3 weeks has chunked to a whopping 8lbs 8oz! Crazy!!

What a pretty little face!! Just loving this baby!

Our modified carseat since Tori's didn't make it to me as planned. She's got a little bit of a booster and rolled blankies to keep up and steady. Sure wish we would have gotten Tori's carseat, I'm pretty sure it would be compatible with my stroller, too! Not sure how safe this was, but we tried to keep her home mostly anyway. The nurses at the hospital were very concerned for her and made her sit through an hour long breathing test in the carseat to make sure she got enough O2, she passed with the help of the blankies.

Happy Mother's Day!

My beautiful darlings!

Just a couple weeks old!

Is there anything better than being a mother??

She was so tiny!!

oops! I still haven't figured out how to delete pics...if anyone out there knows how please pass it on this way!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Grandma Doris and Ginger meeting for the first time!

Charlie's aunt Amy, she sure loves our little baby girl!

Scarlet, Charles, and Becky, the lactation nurse who I attribute Scarlet's quick diagnosis of SCID to. Scarlet's dr. asked me to see a lactation nurse when Scarlet wasn't eating and I almost didn't go because I knew nursing wasn't the problem and that she was sick with something. I believe Heavenly Father softened my heart because I wasn't going to go and then for some reason I just changed my mind and went anyway and Becky became an advocate for Scarlet to her dr. and he finally recoginzed that she was actually sick and getting worse. Thanks, Becky!

I love this picture of Charlie and Ginger. She sure has a hold on his heart. He loves to burp her and get her to sleep...and I love it too because he does a better job than me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ginger and Pa getting to know each other.

One big happy family!

Snug as a Bug...

Sweet baby Ginger with her great grandma Daisy.

Scarlet...still unsure what to think of this little bundle.

We had a lot of fun walking together...although, I could go the rest of my life without doing it again. I can't tell you how awkward it was to have people staring at you as you walk by, and not only that, but I can't tell you how many people commented on the "pregnant lady."

Scarlet and her little friend Presley loved being in the parade! Can't tell you how many people joked with me about going into labor early. Seriously though, if I went into labor because I walked .5 mph that's pretty sad.

She just needed a quiet place to read her book.

M's vs. Orioles! Happy very early Father's Day present to our papa's!
Orioles lost...

Cherry Blossoms!

Grandma Debbie and Pa sure are good to miss Scarlet Rose! They love her so much and it shows!
Family pyramid...Ginger's on bottom.

Scarlet is really into climbing trees and thought she needed her picture taken in one.