Monday, April 28, 2008

Aunt Amy and Marilyn's BDay party!

We went up to Amy's house on Sunday to celebrate. It was a beautiful day outside so we stayed out in the backyard the whole time. It was a lot of fun. It was the first time Scarlet's been to their house and played with the kids...well, not really played with them. But it was fun being together. We love being with family, there's something very special about getting together.

They're tulips if you can't tell

I had to post this picture of the birthday cake I made for Charlie's aunt Amy and family friend Marilyn. I had a lot of fun making it. I think it turned out pretty good. I made it layered one layer was vanilla cake and the other chocolate with raspberry filling in the center. I bought the frosting because that would have been way more work than I was willing to put into it. Anyway, just wanted to share a new found hobby of mine!

At the Parade

We decided to take Scarlet to the kiddie apple blossom parade this past Saturday. Her ANC counts have been ok and we figured if we went to the end of the parade and stayed away from people then it would be ok. She was able to go out for a little while but then the people around us were smoking. We did ask a couple different groups if they wouldn't mind not smoking but when they kept coming we gave up and put her in the car. We had a really good parking spot so she got to still see the parade. This is her cousin Dorian. Dorian has loved Scarlet from the very beginning and although she hasn't gotten to be with Scarlet much she has been an awesome big sister to her. She would always remember Scarlet in her prayers and it's funny too because she calls her "Scarlet Briar Rose". Dorian and Scarlet sure are special girls!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here! We've had a few surprise snow showers and it's still pretty cold at times but you know it's spring when the irrigation water turns on. Charlie was out checking all the sprinklers to see if any needed to be fixed. Scarlet and I joined him outside and she wasn't done watching when we came in the house. She went straight to the doors when she saw the sprinklers turn on in back. She loves being outside. I wish she were normal and could do normal baby things. We bought her a sand box for her birthday, one with a lid so it doesn't turn into a kitty litter, but I just learned that even with sunscreen she is supposed to limit her exposure to the sun unless she is fully covered and has a large brim hat on. The sun's UV rays can cause GVHD in her skin, which I already knew from way back, but my understanding was that she would be ok if she had sunscreen. So, my new adventure is to try and find baby clothes that will not make her too hot in the summer time but will cover her skin so she can out more. Any suggestions are always appreciated!

April Shower

Scarlet's first official shower...and she hated it! She had a bone marrow biopsy done a few days before this and isn't supposed to sit in the tub for a week after and so we thought the quickest way would be to throw her in with Charlie. She screamed the whole time even though I don't think Charlie even let the water touch her. I think it was more the sound of the shower that scared her.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swinging in the Sun

Scarlet loves looking out the window. Grandma brought the swing down to the french doors so she can swing and look out the window. She knows where outside is and where the birdies are. Whenever I ask her if she wants to go outside she looks out the window, or if I ask where the birdies are she looks out too. It's really fun watching her grow and learn new things. She is getting so big!

Aloha Gramma & Grandpa

Ok Gramma and Grandpa Anderson, here's a video especially from Scarlet to you. Hope you are having a huli huli chicken time in Hawaii! We miss you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scarlet's First Brithday!

Scarlet loved her gifts! She had so much fun playing we thought she would never go to sleep! She got lots of noise makers which she loves and will hopefully keep her busy.

Scarlet's first time eating cake and first time eating Ice cream! We made her her own personal cake to demolish. She didn't get a whole lot in her mouth; most of it was smeared and smushed, but she had a lot of fun! When we were getting her ready to eat the cake Charlie came out with a good sized bib but I didn't think even that would cover the mess she was going to make. A woman in our ward made us this bib out of a dish towel and she didn't get anything on her clothes! It was perfect! She may have eaten more than we thought though because she woke up like 4 times last night!

My mom and I made Scarlet the monkey cake. I baked a bunch of random sized cakes and then cut and pasted them together with frosting. We used her stuffed monkey as a guide, it came out super cute. The pictures don't do it justice because you can't really see the 3-D face, it really was cute.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scarlet's first steps

More Easter

Here are some more pictures from Easter. I haven't figured out how to paste pics and then type beneath them so you can scroll through. Sorry, someday.

Easter 2008!

Scarlet's very first Easter! Debbie and I spent hours making her basket, so if you don't like it don't say anything. :) She loved her surprises in the basket. Debbie found a PEZ monkey for her basket and Scarlet plays with it all the time. She loves monkeys, monkey everything.

Scarlet loves playing piano! I play a little everyday and put her in the high chair with her snacks and now she wants to play too! A little Mozart!


Here is Scarlet again getting her I.V. I.G. infusion. If you don't remember it is basically donated antibodies that help her keep her immune system up. I'm pretty sure almost anyone can donate. They usually have facilities in big cities, if you get the chance I encourage you to donate. You can donate Immunoglobulin at the Puget Sound blood center. Scarlet has also needed so many transfusions, blood and platelets. There are pretty frequent blood drives in most areas. They won't let me donate because I lived in Germany for so long which really breaks my heart because I've seen Scarlet and so many others in such need that I would give all the time if I could. You never know who you are going to help.


Here's Scarlet and her cousin Lyndsey at the Seattle Temple. We were in Seattle for her DR appt.'s last month and decided to make a trip to the temple. My sister Nelli was up visiting my side of the family in Lakewood and drove up with my mom so we could go in and she would stay with Nelli's kids and Debbie stayed with Scarlet. I thought it would be ok for her to be outside with her cousin seeing as she wasn't sick, they were outside, and weren't getting close to each other. My sister Nelli is with Scarlet in the top picture and my mom is holding Scarlet in the bottom. It was a beautiful day in Seattle!