Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Davi and Carly's Wedding

The Wedding Party right to left: Anni (my sister), Stacey, Julie, Carly, Davi, Randy, Jon, and Micah (my brother)
Randy picking up his sweetheart

Our family together.

Grandpa taking Scarlet for a little stroll around the temple grounds.

I loved this tree, I thought there was something antiquish about the moss covered branches and the blossom buds.

Davi and Carly getting their wedding pictures taken. I got a lot of side shots because the angle I was at but sometimes that turns out to be a good thing. I think they look great together.

I realize now that I had some better shots of Charles and Scarlet but the icons were so small when I was choosing...oh well, I love the way Charlie smiles at Scarlet. He's such a great dad; couldn't ask for better.

Athena's mom hooked us up with a reduced price hotel for part of the time we were there staying with the family. They gave us a suite for 25 bucks a night! Scarlet found the alarm clock right away, she loves pushing buttons on anything electronic. We had a great time and it was so nice to have a place to crash without worrying about Scarlet getting too close to the other kids there. Thanks Athena and Athena's mom!!!!

Thanksgiving Dresses

I decided to make Scarlet a Thanksgiving dress since I successfully made the Halloween dress, then I decided I only needed a little more fabric and a zipper and I could make one for cousin Starla too. It was a ton of work, but they were so cute it was worth it.
They are both excellent baby models. Here is the view from the front and from behind.
Great job girls!

Thanksgiving is a time to remember all that you are thankful for and we as a family have so much to be grateful for this year. Scarlet is doing well, we are healthy, Charlie has a great job and we have a beautiful home, and great friends and family. Thank you all who have constantly been there for us; we are grateful for all the prayers and support you've given.