Thursday, June 11, 2009


We were able to make a trip to Idaho a few weeks ago now to visit my family and see some family friends. It was the first time we've taken Scarlet out of the state and the first time we went on a family trip together that didn't involve a doctor appt. or hospital stay.
Here is Scarlet with her Great Aunt Pam and Great Uncle Steve. We had a really nice time seeing them, it's been a few years for me and never for Charlie and Scarlet. Thanks Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve!
Here are Charlie and Scarlet with my grandma Nora at Pam & Steve's place. Charlie hadn't met my grandma yet either so it was awesome for them to finally meet. Charlie has such a gentle spirit that it was easy for them to love each other right away.

My cousin, Amy,was around when we got to Pam & Steve's as well my brother Davi and his wife Carly and my sister Tori and her 4 kids. I was so excited to finally get to see the twins! Here is Scarlet with her 2nd cousin Amy and 1st cousins Noah and Chloe.

My dad's 1st cousin Ron and his wife Bon, were on their way to an Alaskan cruise and decided to stay a few days with my parents. They all took a day and drove out to our house to spend an evening with us. It was Awesome! I hadn't seen Ron and Bon since I was in kindergarten in Maryland. They are the funniest people, it was a laugh the whole time. They live in Pennsylvania and we were planning a trip out there next year with Charlie's dad (crossing my fingers) so it will be really neat to see them again next year.

Lilacs & Mother's Day

Scarlet has been more willing to give hugs lately. She doesn't mind doing it once, but is I ask her to do it again sometimes she doesn't want to. I had to move fast to get this shot.
I didn't get a lot of great shots with Scarlet in front of the Dogwood tree this year. Like the cherry blossoms, I like to do this every year. I love my little girl and I can't believe how lucky I am to be her mother.

Scarlet and Starla had fun yanking the lilacs off the branches and giggling like crazy together.

Scarlet loves to smell flowers! Lilacs are so nice to have in the yard because they are so fragrant and are so pretty too. I love the Spring!

Good times

Scarlet and Starla getting a ride from Grandpa at Grandma Daisy's house.

Scarlet loves dogs; especially little ones like Bear here.

Scarlet is growing up so fast. It feels like I can hardly remember her as a baby now. She's saying more words now and even some sentences like, "Where'd it go?" or "Where's Daddy?"

I came home from church one Sunday not too long ago and found Scarlet at the bottom of the stairs in her monkey costume (3-6month size), wearing her daddy's father's day tie, tearing apart my mother's day rose. It was pretty comical to find my munchkin dressed pretty crazy and concentrating so hard on ripping all the petals off the rose.
She's into this phase now where she likes to do or wear whatever I wear and do and sometimes what Charlie his ties. :)