Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Happy Birthday Pics

I finally uploaded the pics from our camera and found a few to add.

Scarlet loves blowing out candles!

Singing her Happy Birthday. For a couple weeks prior to her birthday I would catch her singing to herself, "Happy Birthday party to me!" It was so cute!

Doing the fairy princess dance!

Searching for hidden fairy treasure.

Making (eating) fairy princess Fruit Loop necklaces.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Scarlet Rose!

We don't go out to eat very often and I thought it would be fun to take her out to Red Robin for some balloons and endless fries; two of her favorite things. It was awesome having the rest of the family along! Scarlet loved it when she was sang to by the workers there and clapped along for all the bizillions of birthdays there that night.
Poor uncle Michael only got part of his milkshake, Scarlet commandeered it soon after it's arrival and he surrendered willingly and was left with the extras in the silver cup.

Loving on her rootbeer...or I should say, "Oatbeer" because that's how she says it.

All the fairies together in one place, didn't happen too much that afternoon. We had fairy princesses all over the place. I needed to round them all up for the picture. They loved their tutu's too, which was awesome...but I'll probably never do anything like that again. :)

Scarlet loved her fairy princess tutu! She was so cute!!! Because she's so tiny and the tutu was so full, it was even cuter! Definitely worth the work involved.

Scarlet's big gift and it wasn't even from us. Grandma Debbie, Pa, Great Gramma Daisy and Great Uncle Dan all went in on the gift. Scarlet squealed so loud when she saw Pa walking it up the front path. She loves it! She still needs to be protected from the sun because of transplant related issues and her having such fair skin anyway, the canopy is an awesome addition!

Opening her presents. Scarlet was bombarded by fairy princesses all trying to see what she got and help her open them.

Grandma Debbie did lots of fun games for the party, like hunting for lost treasure in a bin of rice, a flower walk, making fruit loop necklaces, pass along the fairy shoe and making fairy princess wings.

3rd Birthday Cake

I didn't realize her eyes were closed in this shot and I couldn't figure out how to cut it. Oh well, Scarlet is the big helper in the kitchen. We got her the play kitchen for Christmas so that she could pretend cook with me, nope, she wants to do it for real!

Picking Grandma Debbie and Pa up from the airport, it was a long week/s without them.

Scarlet helping out with the MMfondant for her birthday cake. Whenever she tastes something sweet, like the fondant, she smiles really big and says "mmm, this tastes good!" We made jello jigglers a week ago and after putting it into the fridge to set up and going upstairs, she comes up with blue all over her saying the exact same thing, I knew exactly what had happened. Jello was everywhere in the fridge!

Two weeks left and baby Ginger will be here! Here I am working on the MMfondant the day of her birthday party trying to salvage my mistakes. I was trying to save myself some time and only do one batch for an enormous cake- it didn't work out, so two hours before the party I'm scrambling with another batch and trying to make the masterpiece. But...I'm smiling! (Ignore the disaster kitchen)

Here it is! My work of art shown at an angle that hopefully doesn't show all of my errors. I asked Debbie how many cakes it would take to finally become a professional and she gave me some good words of wisdom. She said...and actually, I can't quote her because I can't remember exactly how she said it, and she reads this blog so I can't make it up. :) But basically, that it doesn't matter if you make mistakes as long as you know how to cover them up. Note the flower strategically placed in the corner; It's there to serve a purpose! I'll have to post on the fairy wands another time, I didn't get the pictures on my camera uploaded yet. Or maybe I won't divulge that secret, a friend and I are discussing...a plan. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Scarlet was so excited to get to see her Easter basket. I tried explaining to her that the Easter bunny came and brought the basket...but somehow she still remembers Santa and kept saying "ho, ho brought my Easter basket."

We organized a big Easter egg hunt with some friends and used the church ball field to hide them in. It was fun seeing all the kids get so excited to find the eggs. Scarlet loved it!

She also loved finding dandelions and blowing the seeds...As long as they don't end up in our yard it's ok!

Here's most of the group of friends who joined in. I put Scarlet in her pretty Easter dress because I wanted to get some cute pictures of her. She's such a little doll.

I love this picture because it is only just recently that she has been saying "cheese" into the camera and I actually not only got a frontal of her face but she's also smiling! Wow!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!