Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 2011

Lots of smiles after a fun day at Red Robin's and a trip to Walla Walla park to feed the ducks ( not geese) and see a kid fall in through the ice! -Not any of our kids, thankfully. Those cheeks are so kissable! Love that baby!

Scarlet's new thing is to pretend to be a kitty cat. This is what this little kitty wants for breakfast now: cheetos and a bowl of water. (it was so cute, I had to let her have it just once!) You should have seen her try to eat the cheetos out of the bowl with her mouth; she tried a few times and then gave up and used her hands!

A 9am tea party with pink frosted strawberry shaped brownies with sprinkles on top and warm chocolate milk. It was so precious! They even called me "sir" and ate like little ladies and used their manners. I don't know if I've ever been called sir before. :)

Goodbye, uncle Sonny!!!! This was taken the night of his ordaining. He was supposed to leave the next morning but a snow storm delayed him an extra day and forced them to drive to Spokane. Charlie sure loves his brother and I really can't blame him. What a great kid!

PS: Sonny will be serving in the Belo Horizonte, Brazil mission. He's at the MTC in provo until March. You can check him out at and type in his name and it will give you his mission info.

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