Thursday, January 20, 2011

more Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Such a smiley little babe! Even after the Christmas Eve program that was a little long for her.

I did so much baking and cleaning my hands kept splitting, so i went to wearing gloves and Scarlet was my little helper.

At our ward Christmas party, sweet little Ginger sleeping with her daddy.

With Santa after a fun night of caroling.

Don't know what this was all about...Silly boys!

Ginger practicing for her big appearance as baby Jesus in the ward Nativity. She lasted all of 2 minutes in the cradle until I had to get up and snatch her for fear she would start screaming and ruin it. :)

. Our first trip to see Santa with the cousins at the City Hall lighting. Scarlet was so excited and ready to ask for a Snow White movie, which she got.

Ginger is just precious, what a sweet little snowbaby!

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The Potter Pack said...

Kati ... You look amazing ! Your hands maybe dry and cracking ( ouch!) but you look sooooo great !