Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 2011

It was a cooking party at our house! The West kids are so much fun to have around! What great sub-siblings for Scarlet. They have been so wonderful to the girls! Love you guys! Logan and Jess were the pizza dough makers and Hunter made banana bread practically all by himself and it was really good! Scarlet doesn't like getting her hands dirty, but we're working on that. Thanks for the fun night!

This was just too cute, I had to get a picture of Scarlet and her cousin Peyton half in and out of Scarlet's tent watching, I don't remember what, completely absorbed. What's really cute is that Peyton is smiling because of the show, I couldn't get their attention if I yelled "fire."

Scarlet's "Pa" (grandpa Len) was going on a work trip and she was going with grandma to take him to the airport. I told her she needed to get dressed to go and then I went to nurse Ginger. I kept hearing this rustling and called to her from my room asking her what she was doing. She then told me that she was packing. I asked her for what and she said her trip with Pa. I had to see what she was doing, so I went in there and saw that she had packed.

She packed every pair of underwear she owns, all of her shirts (no pants) her books, stuffed animals, and a couple of blankets. It was so darn cute. I laughed and asked her where she was going and for how long and she told me about the airplane and that she would be far away. I was so amused by her packing, but it was sad to have to explain to her that she wasn't going on the airplane, only to take him and that he would be back in a few days. She got over it and we cleaned up together. She has a learning globe that has lots of geographical features and one is a volcano and she asked if we could go there someday on an airplane. Count on it! Hawaii here we come! Well, someday anyway.

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Anderson Family said...

I love all your up dates! Star had fun seeing pictures of Scarlet and Ginger.